just in case you forgot

I am sorry for my mood swings
And my unstable emotions
I am sorry for how easy it is to drain me
And for all the tiredness, and hunger, and excuses
I am sorry for making you think that I don’t want to grow
Please know that I am here
And I am planning to stay as long as you let me
No, I am planning to love you forever



How can you ever think that I don’t tell stories about you?
When you are all that I think about
When we know we will have a lifetime together
When all of my friends know that I would be spending my days with you

When clearly my recent love poems are all about you.

flexibility, love, and trust

Have you ever imagined other scenarios?
How life would be like if we met sooner?
Or later?
Or if we never even met at all?
I do
I do it sometimes
I can not find a single one that results with this
With us
Sometimes I think that it is destiny
For us to meet at that time and that place
And now I begin to wonder
Where do we go from here?
And I think about it more and more these days
Because I do want a future with you


These days I can’t wait to wake up in the morning
Because the first thing I see is your face
Your beautiful face that you never say is beautiful
The one that never stop calling me beautiful even when I look tired and sad and mad
Who never stop proving to make me feel worthy because you always say that I am worth it
Someone that I met by accident
Only you can make me feel like this
The peanut butter to my jelly
Makes me feel loved
Strives me to be positive and the best version of myself
Even if you disappoint me, it will never ever cloud what you have done for me and to me
Because you have done so much than you can imagine, and the only thing I can do is to love you as much as you love me
Show you how much I improved
Share the life that I want with you
I see the house
You’ve always said we would have one someday in Fukuoka

i just love

It is hard for me to admit this
But I love you
I love the way you cut your hair
I love the way you wear your shirts
I love how you laugh every time we touched
I love that we love the same things
I love that we kept patching things up after being divided so many times
I love you

After you left I kept searching for you in everyone else
I kept hoping that someone would be enough for me
Someone would make me feel the way you do
But just so you know
I never found that someone

Because you are not who I thought you were
You are different from the person inside my head
Different from the person that I saw
You are not as amazing as I thought you were
You are not the person that I liked
You are not the person that I loved

I don’t think I love you
I don’t think I have ever actually know you
I wanted it to be you
I just want to be loved
I don’t love you
I just love the idea of being loved

a love poem

I love myself
I love the way my hair looks
I love it when my parents let me cut it short
I love how my mom lets me wear clothes that I like
I love that my dad doesn’t get mad easily anymore
I love how comfortable I feel in my own skin
I love that I can learn to face problems face on
I love my addiction for television series
I love my endless supply of novels
I love my big ass computer
I love how I can get a good GPA without even trying
I love the fact that I still GOT IT
I love my new denim jacket
I love my body shop perfumes
I love my friends
I love how I chose to let go of some people
I love that I realized I still have sympathy
I love that I’m not as selfish as I used to be
I love that I can write this many things about what I love
I love that I can remind myself to love myself
I love this weird poem
I love how this is not a poem
I love how this could also be a poem
I love myself
I need to realize that I am loved and will always be loved