sliced bread

You have to remember who you really are
You were a straightforward person
You helped your friend out of self harm
You were someone who always had a Plan B
You were a good listener and you would offer a shoulder to cry on not caring whether or not they would even do the same for you
You were Ilana Wexler
You were fun and happy-go-lucky and impulsive and you would make people laugh
You didn’t care what strangers say
You only cared what the people you cared think
You didn’t treat people lightly but you made jokes so they don’t have to take it as heavy
You would go out of your way to buy someone a present
Sometimes you were already ready before the b-day
You were someone who didn’t care if you skipped class
Because you knew that you’d work hard to make up for it
You never had anyone to help you take a break
But you have made it this far
When someone wants to help, take their hand
It’s time for you to stop being so goddamn stubborn
And let them help you
But don’t forget that even when you have someone
That you’re still you
That you are still who you were
And maybe some things need improvements
But you’re still you
And you are loyal
You are hopeful
You are positive
You are amazing
You are great
You are something else
You are the best thing since sliced bread.

You from the past


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