you won’t read what i’m writing, because i choose to believe that you are as dead as you think i am.

the thing is, i’m a pretty open person, very chill, very much okay with what’s going on. i try to help, i try to listen, but i can be a bitch sometimes too. i mean, i’m human, and someone has said that ‘shit happens’. but, I never really intend to hurt the people close to me, although, they all get shit from me somehow. misunderstanding, that’s the word, they took me for someone i’m not.

they think i did something so bad, and I can see how a part of what I did is bad. i try to understand your perspective, but i know you won’t, whoever you are i think you know that now this apply not only to you. i know everyone’s not me, i gotta try even more, because not everyone’s as chill or as forgiving. even if you’re still mad and hate me and talk shit about me, does not mean that i am doing the same.

just so you know, i don’t mean to hurt anyone, i was joking or trying to help. but y’all rather block me and talk behind me instead of confronting me. and no matter how straightforward i am, i gotta understand that you are not the same. we passed each other’s lives but i guess you wanna cut ties after you saw the fog, and you don’t bother to ask if anyone’s still alive, you just made assumptions and thought that your hypothesis is the one you choose to believe.


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