i will be okay

honestly, i miss the old times too. “Well, it’s great to talk about new times too, but there’s just something about the old times…” Leslie Knope once said. but you know, the new times are not good enough right now. i miss being able to talk to my friends, any of them. i have this exhaustion when talking to people, even just chatting, hell, even chatting my boyfriend gets tiring sometimes. i’m not feeling like myself, i feel like the easily drained self where everything is wrong even when it’s not. i miss having fun with my boyfriend too, but he only helps me a bit now, i gotta help myself too. my happy days are my okay days, and my bad days are my crying myself to sleep because i can’t escape somewhere days. please understand that, i will be better. i assure you, i’m very ambitious in making things better.


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