in love

I always deny it
I never love anyone
I only love myself
But I love you
I still do

You broke my heart
You broke it again
You can break it as many times as you want
It was only yours to begin with
I’m in love

I’m in love with a fantasy
I’m in love with an idea
I’m in love with the notion that you are the one
The perfect one for me

But you’re not
I know you’re not
But it’s so hard to believe that
Because I was so enchanted by you
I was trapped by your image

How amazing
How beautiful
How high I felt when I’m with you
But that’s not you
But I can’t stop thinking about you

I’m in love
But not with you
I’m in love with the idea of being loved
Because I crave it so much
I’ve never felt it and I want it to be with you

I wanted it to be true
I never found it in anyone else but you
I look for you in everyone else
But not you
I’m devastated

I’m not in love
You’re not real
You’re an idea
You’re a fantasy that I built for my ego
I’m not in love


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