Mother, I’m afraid
You’re my world, but now I see other worlds
There’s thunder, there’s storm
Fire and water, fire and water
Mother, I’m afraid

Mother, I have seen your world
I see the world differently now
I am afraid
I am lost and I am alone
Mother, protect me

Mother, I’m sorry
Please forgive me
I did not mean to do harm
I did what I was taught
But I have let you down
Mother, I’m sorry

Mother, I want to leave
I want to see other worlds
For the ones you showed ends with scars
Bruises as blue as the night sky
It was visible but now I can’t see them
But I know they’re still there
Mother, please let me leave

Mother, I need you to let me go
I am young but seen so much
I don’t want to see anymore
I don’t want to learn anymore
Mother please understand, I just want to be happy


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